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Showing posts from June 11, 2011

New Site Look for Reader's

Dear Readers, Today will begin a new concept in this blogs postings; The Daily Devotions will have its on widget just below the Daily Posts; Each day when you click on the name (e.g. Day of Discovery)you will be immediately taken to that days posting when posted by the sites IT. It is felt that all will have their morning daily devotions in their time zone. In the past the postings was posted in the Eastern time of the USA; Now thanks to God for this vision all will have a morning diet of God's Word around the world as the latter part of the ministry says: Internet to the World Ministry. The "Posting Section" will be for special and personal writings when available and will not be posted for universal times, but posted at 24:00 hours USA Eastern time. This timing will be for all universal time zones to enjoy. Be blessed and enjoy God's Word.

Catholic Lectionary, Saturday

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2011 | VIGIL | EASTER PENTECOST VIGIL YEARS ABC First Reading Genesis 11:1–9 or Exodus 19:3–8a, 16–20b or Ezekiel 37:1–14 or Joel 3:1–5 Second Reading Romans 8:22–27 Gospel John 7:37–39 Catholic Lectionary (Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 2009).