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April 26

Gloria Gaither, 1942–
William J. Gaither, 1936–
  Because I live, you also will live. (John 14:19)
Christ’s resurrection is our guarantee of at least two basic truths: First, He has the power to give His life to us and to bring us ultimately to glory to reign with Him forever. And second, His resurrection makes it possible for Him to live in our hearts and to be an integral part of our daily living.
For the past two decades the music of Gloria and Bill Gaither has greatly enriched evangelical hymnody. But the song that has especially highlighted the Gaither’s ministry is one that reflects their own philosophy—the resurrection principle in the daily routines of life—“Because He Lives.” Bill Gaither recalls the circumstances that prompted the writing of this favorite:
  We wrote “Because He Lives” after a period of time when we had had a kind of dry spell and hadn’t written any songs for a while … Also at the end of the l960’s, our country was going through some…
The Journey

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve planned to take the detour over the years, but we’ve always found an excuse not to. I know it is more than a dozen, maybe even a score. After all, the Grand Canyon has been in the same location for thousands of years, it isn’t going to disappear any time soon.

For me, vacation isn’t about the journey-it is always the destination. Instead of relishing the good time we had, my greatest satisfaction at the end of every family trip is talking about what good time we made on the trip and how many miles to the gallon the car got. Truth be told, that’s the reason we’ve never pulled over to see the Grand Canyon, Fort Courage or even the large snake or the buffalos for that matter. But this year was different. It wasn’t that we weren’t anxious to get home, or that any of the other excuses we’d used over the years didn’t apply, it was that we were very aware that this might be the last time the whole family would be driving down that Interstate …