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The Time, Space, and Money Continuum

October 23: The Time, Space, and Money Continuum
Ezekiel 45:1–46:24; Revelation 22:1–21

When we think of setting things apart for God, we usually think of money first. But what about our time or even a place? Ezekiel 45:1 speaks of setting aside land for God: “And when you allocate the land as an inheritance, you shall provide a contribution for Yahweh as a holy portion from the land, its length being twenty-five thousand cubits and its width ten thousand cubits; it is holy in all its territory, all around” (Ezekiel 45:1).
We’re comfortable with the idea of donating money; we recognize that others need our help and our churches need our support. But there are other reasons for giving. Giving itself is a righteous and perhaps sacred act. It forces us to acknowledge that all we have belongs to God—He is the provider. Giving puts us in right standing before God in a powerful way.
Similarly, allocating time and space to God helps us understand our place before Him. When we designate a part…