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Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional

October 29 Apocalyptic at Its BestDaniel 7:1–8:27 Daniel is full of spooky scenes. If Daniel doesn’t scare you a bit, you’ve probably watched too many horror movies.
Apocalyptic literature in the Bible has a way of playing tricks on us. It’s full of vivid imagery that can be haunting—and that’s intentional. The pictures it paints are meant to stay with us. We’re meant to remember what these passages are teaching. Of course, the same can be said of the entire Bible, but apocalyptic literature is especially vivid because its message requires us to choose: to follow or to turn away from God at the most important time—the end.
The dreams Daniel has, including those recorded in Dan 7:3–14, are images of what is and is to come. The beasts in Daniel were evocative symbols for his audience. When they heard of the lion with eagles, they envisioned Babylon (Dan 7:4). When the bear appeared, they thought of Media (Dan 7:5). Likewise, the leopard with four wings and heads symbolized Persia (Dan 7:…