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KJV Verse of the Day

Today's Verse of the Day is From Ezekiel 7:8 KJV Translation: Now will I shortly pour out my fury upon thee, and accomplish mine anger upon thee: and I will judge thee according to thy ways, and will recompense thee for all thine abominations. NKJV Translation: Now will I shortly pour out my fury on you, and accomplish my anger on you: and I will judge you according to your ways, and will recompense you for all your abominations. Explore Thomas Nelson's King James Bibles and take your Bible reading further. © Copyright Thomas Nelson Publishers.


Prayer Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy
Almighty Father, thank you for this glorius day that I and all can bask in its glory! Hallelujah!
Bless Your people that glorify and bless You no matter what their physical bodies may be in. Glory! Bless those that are in hospitals, incarcerated. on battle fields, and those that their mines are gone, yet they live. 
In Jesus' name I committ my supplication to You Holy Father. Amen.

Logos Verse of the Day

Gateway Bible Verse of the Day

Psalm 119:160King James Version

Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.

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New King James Version
The entirety of Your wordis truth, And every one of Your righteous judgmentsendures forever.
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Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional

August 6

Feeling Entitled
Isaiah 10:20–12:6; Luke 4:1–44; Job 3:17–26

Familiarity breeds contempt, so the saying goes. But the line from Aesop’s fable “The Fox and the Lion” wasn’t meant to imply that we often take those closest to us for granted. Rather, the fox fails to properly acknowledge the lion—the king of all beasts—because he doesn’t know his place. His self-perception is dangerously inflated.

The same is true for the fickle Nazarenes who heard Jesus interpret the Scriptures. When Jesus preached in the synagogue of His hometown, the Nazarenes were initially receptive. But when He interpreted the prophet Isaiah’s words in a way they disliked—a way that showed Him as the one who “proclaim[s] release to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind” (Luke 4:18; see Isa 61:1)—they belittled Him: “Is this man not the son of Joseph?” (Luke 4:22).

The Nazarenes weren’t ready to admit their need (Luke 4:23). They didn’t understand that they were blind and unrepentant. They may have …