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Still living by Faith

Still living by Faith Excerpt In an impressive summary of his discussion thus far, the writer pointed out that people can be still living by faith when they die, even if by that time they do not receive the things promised. By faith the old saints saw the promised realities from a distance and persisted in their pilgrim character, looking for a country of their own and refusing toreturn to the land they had left. So too the readers should renounce the opportunity to go back to any form of their ancestral religion and should persist in longing for a better country—a heavenly one. If they did so they, like the patriarchs, would be people with whom God would not be ashamed to be associated. More Hodges, Zane C. “Hebrews.” The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures. Ed. J. F. Walvoord and R. B. Zuck. Vol. 2. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1985. 808. Print

The Son Can Set You Free

The Son Can Set You Free Excerpt This general principle, illustrated in the origin of the Jewish people by the parable of Isaac and Ishmael, has one absolute fulfilment. The Son, the true Son, is one. Through Him alone—in Him, in fellowship with Him—can lasting freedom be gained, seeing that He alone is free, and abideth unchangeable for ever. If the Son therefore] The Son and not the Father is represented as giving freedom, in so far as He communicates to others that which is His own. free indeed] The word translated indeed(ὄντως) occurs here only in St John. It appears to express reality in essence from within, as distinguished from reality as seen and known (ἀληθῶςv.311:484:426:147:40). The conception of freedom which is given in this whole passage presents the principle which St Paul applied to the special case of external ordinances. More Westcott, Brooke Foss, and Arthur Westcott, eds. The Gospel according to St. John Introduction and Notes on the Authorized Version. Lond…

The World Around Us - God the Creator

The World Around Us - God the Creator Excerpt David focused on the heavens above him, especially the circuit of the sun; but there are many worlds in God’s creation. They include the earth beneath our feet, the plant and animal worlds on earth, in the skies and in the waters, the human world, the world of rocks and crystals, worlds visible to the human eye,and worlds so small we need special equipment to see them. World famousbiologist Edward O. Wilson claims there may be as many as 1.6 million species of fungi in the world today, 10,000 species of ants, 300,000 species of flowering plants, between 4,000 and 5,000 species of mammals, and approximately 10,000 species of birds.16 But these large numbers pale into insignificance when you start examining the heavens, as David did, and begin to calculate distances inlight years. David knew none of this modern scientific data, and yet when he pondered the heavens, he was overwhelmed by the glory of the Lord. More Wiersbe, Warren W. Be Worsh…

Christ: The Fulfillment of Prophecy

Christ: The Fulfillment of Prophecy Excerpt ‎Of all the attacks that have ever been made upon the Scripture, there has never been one book written by a skeptic to disprove the prophecies of the Scripture. Though the Bible has been attacked at every other place, the one place where God rests His inspiration is that the things He foretells come infallibly to pass. ‎The Bible prophecies are altogether unexpected! I know of no one ever prophesying that any other human being would rise from the dead and ascend into heaven. That is exceedingly improbable. The chance of it happening by coincidence is incalculable. No, the Bible is not merely a book written by men; it is a book written by God through men, and the heart of its prophetic message is Jesus Christ. … More Kennedy, D. James. “Christ: The Fulfillment of Prophecy.” The Apologetics Study Bible: Real Questions, Straight Answers, Stronger Faith. Ed. Ted Cabal et al. Nashville, TN: Holman Bible Publishers, 2007. xxix. Print.

"Set Apart for the Gospel"

"Set Apart for the Gospel" Excerpt This is a further definition of what it means to be called, specifying that Christ has chosen him to take the gospel to the Gentiles. InGalatians 1:15 Paul says that he was “set apart … from my mother’s womb,” an allusion to the call of Jeremiah (Jer 1:5), and this may be alluded to here as well. Moo (1996:42–43) says that gospel here refers not only to the gospel message and its proclamation but also to the very events by which the gospel came to be, God sending his Son as the sacrifice that produced salvation. Thus by Jesus Christ and God should be seen as indicating origin; that is, this gospel came from God. More Osborne, Grant R. Romans. Downers Grove, IL

Diversity of Gifts in One Body

Diversity of Gifts in One Body Excerpt Paul’s aim at the moment is not however to establish a rating or hierarchy of gifts, but rather to insist that all gifts whatsoever, important or unimportant, showy or obscure, come from the same source. All these things(just listed) the same one Spirit (literally, one and the same Spirit) puts into operation(ἐνεργεῖ, cf. verse 6 above, where it is used of God; the word suggests that the Spirit is the source of boundless and manifold energy and power—a thoroughly biblical thought),distributing (cf. verses 4 ff.) individually (ἰδίᾳ; see e.g. M. iii. 18; it would be possible to write the word ἴδια, and translate his own gifts) to each one (it is again implied that each Christian receives some gift) as he wills. Thus it is not for Christians to dictate to the Spirit what gifts they (or others) should have, though they should strive for the greater (and perhaps less spontaneous) gifts (verse 31). The Spirit chooses what gift shall be given to each C…

The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed

The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed Excerpt ‎The very manner in which Jesus prayed reveals that He is God. He did not begin "Our Father" but simply, "Father." Jesus never prayed, "Our Father." Jesus told Mary Magdalene on that first Easter morning, "...go to My brethren, and say to them, ’I ascend to My Father and your Father, and My God and your God’ " (John 20:17). God is our Father by grace, but He is Jesus’ Father by nature. And the word that Jesus used for "pray" (verses 9,1520) is not the common word for "pray" in the New Testament. The word means "to request from an equal." You and I could not use this word because we are not equal with God. But Jesus used it three times! Why? Because He is eternal God. ‎In verse 24, Jesus boldly said, "Father, I will..." (KJV). It was not a request; it was a command. Believers today cannot pray with that kind of authority. Such praying would not be faith, it would be …

You Shall Not Murder

You Shall Not Murder Excerpt The prohibition against killing (v. 13) actually means murder, which is quite different than the sort of killing that goes on in the course of a battle. A distinction between murder and death in battle is apparent in David’s statement in 1 Kings 2:5. A whole range of circumstances that lead to death will be dealt with in 21:12–27. These laws make it clear that the sixth commandment is a general statement that requires expansion. More Elwell, Walter A. Evangelical Commentary on the Bible. Vol. 3. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1995. Print. Baker Reference Library.

Mundy's Quote for the Day

Mundy's Quote for the Day Reverend Lynwood F. Mundy
15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear; (1 Peter 3:15, NKJV).