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Mahalia Jackson 16 Most Requested (Full Album)

"Where Is Your Faith In God" - Rev. James Cleveland

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come (THE REAL VERSION; CD QUALITY; LYRICS)

Al Green - A Change Is Gonna Come

Al Green Pass Me Not

Made in the likeness of God

Made in the likeness of GodJames 3:9
The fault of invoking curses on fellow human beings is deplorable because they are made in the likeness of God. This is obviously a reference to Gen 1:26–27. In the Genesis passage two words are used; one is “image” and the other is “likeness.” It is not clear why James chose the second word rather than the first one. In any case there seems to be no need to press for a different sense between the two, as they are obviously meant to have the same meaning. What James wants to communicate here is simply that acting against people who resemble God is the same as acting against God, who created those people. It is logically inconsistent to pretend to bless God and then to curse the representation of God (human beings). In other words, cursing other human beings is in effect cursing God, who created them. In languages where there is a difference in meaning between made and “created,” it may be desirable to use the latter, as TEV has done. In some langu…

Jerusalem: Gihon Spring

Jerusalem: Gihon Spring

Life of Joseph

Life of Joseph

Summary of John 15:1-17

Summary of John 15:1-17John 15:1-17 To summarize, authentic discipleship in this bull’s-eye segment is evidenced and encapsulated in love for one another (15:12, 17) that has been epitomized by Jesus, who died for frail human beings (15:13). This model of self-sacrifice is recognized by those whom Jesus called his friends, for they do what he commands (15:14). But their obedience is not the result of some sort of slavery, since as his friends they have learned from Jesus about the will of God (15:15). This knowledge did not result from their own capabilities. It was given to them because they were chosen and appointed to bear fruit or spread the wonderful Gospel to others as their mission (15:16). They were given the resource of prayer because to accomplish God’s will one needs God’s resources (15:16). And finally, God’s will is exemplified in a living community of disciples who love one another (15:17). But the world does not easily accept such a community or its theses commitments.…

Moses Holds His Staff Down to Touch the Pool of Marah

Moses Holds His Staff Down to Touch the Pool of Marah
On the left side, under the proctective hands and fore-arms of God appearing at the top of the panel, Moses holds his staff down to touch the pool of Marah (Exod. 15:23–25a). The twelve figures to his right represent the numbering of the tribes of Israel (Num. 1)
Powell, Mark Allan, ed. “Zurishaddai.” The Harper Collins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated) 2011 : n. pag. Print.

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour

August 22

  He … began to wash the disciples’ feet
John 13:5
We forget that Jesus Christ is the same today, when He is sitting on the throne, as He was yesterday, when He trod the pathway of our world. And in this forgetfulness how much we miss! What He was, that He is. What He said, that He says. The Gospels are simply specimens of the life that He is ever living; they are leaves torn out of the diary of His unchangeable Being. Today He is engaged in washing the feet of His disciples, soiled with their wilderness journeyings. Yes, that charming incident is having its fulfillment in thee, my friend, if only thou dost not refuse the lowly loving offices of Him whom we call Master and Lord, but who still girds Himself and comes forth to serve. And we must have this incessant cleansing if we would keep right. It is not enough to look back to a certain hour when we first knelt at the feet of the Son of God for pardon; and heard Him say, “Thy sins, which are many, are all forgiven.” We need…

Connect the Testaments: A One-Year Daily Devotional with Bible Reading Plan.

August 22: Complaints
Isaiah 44:1–45:13; Luke 17:11–18:8; Job 10:1–10

Complaining can be automatic. We complain about the weather, our children, our jobs. And we might do it for any number of reasons—even something as trivial as to keep a conversation going. Although we might complain lightly, we still betray something about our hearts. We assume that we are owed something—that we are entitled.
We might readily admit this. We might freely say that this should not be our posture before people or before God. But Job challenges our stereotype of the complainer. What can we learn from his complaints? In his outcries, we find someone struggling to understand his situation before God. He prays, “My inner self loathes my life; I want to give vent to my complaint; I want to speak out of the bitterness of my inner self. I will say to God, ‘You should not condemn me; let me know why you contend against me’ ” (Job 10:1–2). He repeats and recasts his elevated and prolonged complaints in surprising…

Chambers, Oswald. My Utmost for His Highest: Selections for the Year.

August 22nd
“I indeed … but He”

I indeed baptize you with water … but He … shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire. Matthew 3:11.

Have I ever come to a place in my experience where I can say—“I indeed … but He”? Until that moment does come, I will never know what the baptism of the Holy Ghost means. “I indeed” am at an end, I cannot do a thing: “but He” begins just there—He does the things no one else can ever do. Am I prepared for His coming? Jesus cannot come as long as there is anything in the way either of goodness or badness. When He comes am I prepared for Him to drag into the light every wrong thing I have done? It is just there that He comes. Wherever I know I am unclean, He will put His feet; wherever I think I am clean, He will withdraw them. Repentance does not bring a sense of sin, but a sense of unutterable unworthiness. When I repent, I realize that I am utterly helpless; I know all through me that I am not worthy even to bear His shoes. Have I repented like that? …

Spurgeon, Charles H. Morning and Evening: Daily Readings

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“He that watereth shall be watered also himself.”
         — Proverbs 11:25
We are here taught the great lesson, that to get, we must give; that to accumulate, we must scatter; that to make ourselves happy, we must make others happy; and that in order to become spiritually vigorous, we must seek the spiritual good of others. In watering others, we are ourselves watered. How? Our efforts to be useful, bring out our powers for usefulness. We have latent talents and dormant faculties, which are brought to light by exercise. Our strength for labour is hidden even from ourselves, until we venture forth to fight the Lord’s battles, or to climb the mountains of difficulty. We do not know what tender sympathies we possess until we try to dry the widow’s tears, and soothe the orphan’s grief. We often find in attempting to teach others, that we gain instruction for ourselves. Oh, what gracious lessons some of…