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Thoughts for the Quiet Hour

March 28

  God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness
      Gen. 1:4
No sooner is there a good thing in the world than a division is necessary. Light and darkness have no communion; God has divided them, let us not confound them. Sons of light must not have fellowship with deeds, doctrines, or deceits of darkness. The children of the day must be sober, honest, and bold in their Lord’s work, leaving the works of darkness to those who shall dwell in it forever.

We should by our distinct separation from the world divide the light from the darkness. In our judgment, in our action, in our hearing, in our teaching, in our association, we must discern between the precious and the vile, and maintain the great distinction which the Lord made upon the world’s first day.

O Lord Jesus, be Thou our light throughout the whole of this day, for Thy light is the light of men.


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