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Naphtali’s Land

Naphtali’s LandIsaiah 9:1 Excerpt According to the prophet Isaiah (Is 9:1), though the Lord had made Naphtali’s land contemptible, he would make it glorious once again. Matthew sees the fulfillment of this prophecy in the person of Christ, who brought the message of God’s kingdom to the Jews living in the region of Naphtali’s tribe (Mt 4:13–15). In the book of Revelation (Rv 7:6), 12,000 members of Naphtali’s tribe are included among the sealed multitude of Israel. More Elwell, Walter A., and Philip Wesley Comfort. Tyndale Bible Dictionary 2001 : 936. Print. Tyndale Reference Library.

Jesus, the Son of Man

Jesus, the Son of ManRevelation 1:13–15 Excerpt An analysis of OT allusions in vv 13–15 shows that the predominant features of the Son of man are drawn from Daniel 7 and especially Daniel 10, with other texts contributing secondarily to the depiction. Most commentators agree that the significance of this is that Christ is portrayed as a kingly and priestly figure, since the figure in the two Daniel texts has the same features.112 Part of Christ’s priestly role is to tend the lampstands. The OT priest would trim the lamps, remove the wick and old oil, refill the lamps with fresh oil, and relight those that had gone out.113 Likewise, Christ tends the ecclesial lampstands by commending, correcting, exhorting, and warning (seechs. 2–3) in order to secure the churches’ fitness for service as lightbearers in a dark world. More Beale, G. K. The Book of Revelation: A Commentary on the Greek Text. Grand Rapids, MI; Carlisle, Cumbria: W.B. Eerdmans; Paternoster Press, 1999. Print. New Internationa…

The True Nature of Love

The True Nature of Love1 John 4:7–9 Excerpt God has loved us in a way that has given us life. The atoning death of Jesus provides the means by which believers come into a life-giving realm where love is received and expressed (Jn 3:16). We do not simply gaze at the painting on the wall; we are touched by the hand of God and given life-giving love. And, third, because life and love come from God, it is God’s activity and not our own behavior and efforts that defines the essence of love. More Thompson, Marianne Meye. 1–3 John. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1992. Print. The IVP New Testament Commentary Series.

The Temptation of Jesus

The Temptation of JesusExcerpt We may be certain that the story was also told for its exemplary features in order to encourage Christians facing temptation and to indicate to them how to recognise and overcome it. They are to note that in each case Jesus replies to temptation with a quotation from Scripture, thereby indicating that the life of the man of God must follow certain clear principles expressive of God’s will which have already been revealed in the OT. It has been argued that this reduces the story to the level of a rabbinic Streitgespräch in which Jesus overcomes the devil by a superior knowledge of Scripture (cf. Bultmann, 271–275), but the point is rather that Jesus is obedient to God’s will in Scripture (H. Seesemann, TDNT VI, 23-36, especially 34-36 and n. 68), and not that he wins by superior dialectical skill. More Marshall, I. Howard. The Gospel of Luke: A Commentary on the Greek Text. Exeter: Paternoster Press, 1978. Print. New International Greek Testament Commentary…

Connect the Testaments

August 30: Dawning of a New Era Isaiah 63:1–64:12; Luke 23:26–24:12; Job 14:1–10 Jesus’ resurrection brings a new era. Although Jesus told His disciples and loved ones that He would suffer, die, and be raised on the third day (Luke 9:22), they didn’t fully comprehend His promise. The women preparing fragrant spices and perfumes for a burial ritual fully expected to find Jesus’ body in the tomb. Instead, at the dawn of the first day of the week, they found the stone rolled away and the tomb empty. The women were perplexed by their discovery, but the angels challenged them, reminding them of Jesus’ promise: “Why are you looking for the living among the dead? He is not here, but has been raised! Remember how he spoke to you while he was still in Galilee, saying that the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of men who are sinners, and be crucified, and on the third day rise?” (Luke 24:5–7). Jesus’ resurrection presents new hope for the disciples and those who believe in Him. It also sh…

Morning and Evening

Morning, August 30Go To Evening Reading
“Wait on the Lord.” —Psalm 27:14
It may seem an easy thing to wait, but it is one of the postures which a Christian soldier learns not without years of teaching. Marching and quick-marching are much easier to God’s warriors than standing still. There are hours of perplexity when the most willing spirit, anxiously desirous to serve the Lord, knows not what part to take. Then what shall it do? Vex itself by despair? Fly back in cowardice, turn to the right hand in fear, or rush forward in presumption? No, but simply wait. Wait in prayer, however. Call upon God, and spread the case before him; tell him your difficulty, and plead his promise of aid. In dilemmas between one duty and another, it is sweet to be humble as a child, and wait with simplicity of soul upon the Lord. It is sure to be well with us when we feel and know our own folly, and are heartily willing to be guided by the will of God. But wait in faith. Express your unstaggering confidence …

My Utmost for His Highest

August 30th Am I convinced by Christ? Notwithstanding in this rejoice not …, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.Luke 10:19, 20. Jesus Christ says, in effect, Don’t rejoice in successful service, but rejoice because you are rightly related to Me. The snare in Christian work is to rejoice in successful service, to rejoice in the fact that God has used you. You never can measure what God will do through you if you are rightly related to Jesus Christ. Keep your relationship right with Him, then whatever circumstances you are in, and whoever you meet day by day, He is pouring rivers of living water through you, and it is of His mercy that He does not let you know it. When once you are rightly related to God by salvation and sanctification, remember that wherever you are, you are put there by God; and by the reaction of your life on the circumstances around you, you will fulfil God’s purpose, as long as you keep in the light as God is in the light. The tendency to-day i…

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour

August 30 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world 1 John 2:15 If you will go to the banks of a little stream, and watch the flies that come to bathe in it, you will notice that, while they plunge their bodies into the water, they keep their wings high out of the water; and, after swimming about a little while, they fly away with their wings unwet through the sunny air. Now, that is the lesson for us. Here we are immersed in the cares and business of the world; but let us keep the wings of our soul, our faith and our love, out of the world, that, with these unclogged, we may be ready to take our flight to Heaven. J. Inglis

 Hardman, Samuel G., and Dwight Lyman Moody. Thoughts for the Quiet Hour. Willow Grove, PA: Woodlawn Electronic Publishing, 1997. Print.