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Have Faith, Have a Plan

Thursday, May 05, 2011  Send to a Friend  More Free Newsletters Have Faith, Have a Plan

by Charles R. Swindoll
Read Exodus 2:1–10 Jochebed had faith. She also thought through a very creative plan. I'd like to pause to reflect on this tension between careful planning and full-hearted faith. Are they mutually exclusive? Not on your life! Yet to talk to some believers, you might be led to think otherwise. I've counseled with unemployed men and women who tell me, "I'm just waiting on the Lord to provide a job." "Fine," I reply. "And where have you placed your resumé?" "Well, I'm not going that route. I'm just waiting on God." "Oh really?" I say. "Then I hope you don't mind remaining jobless for awhile." The old motto of soldiers during the Revolutionary War applies to many areas of life: "Trust in God, but keep your powder dry!" In other words, place your life in the Savior's hands, but stay at …

The Gospel: A Daily Need?

Thursday, May 5, 2011 Send to a Friend Free Newsletters The Gospel: A Daily Need? Tullian Tchividjian The gospel isn’t simply a set of truths that non-Christians must believe in order to become saved. It’s a reality that Christians must daily embrace in order to experience being saved. The gospel not only saves us from the penalty of sin (justification), but it also saves us from the power of sin (sanctification) day after day. Or, as John Piper has said, “The cross is not only a past place of objective substitution; it is a present place of subjective execution.” Our daily sin requires God’s daily grace—the grace that comes to us through the finished work of Jesus Christ.
Churches, for example, have for years debated whether their worship services ought to be geared toward Christians (to encourage and strengthen them) or non-Christians (to appeal to and win them). But this debate and the struggle over it are misguided. We’re asking the wrong questions and making the wrong assumptions…

Lessons in Sonship

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May 5
Lessons in Sonship
John 8:25-59
Jesus’ assertion that He was the Son of God incited fury in the religious leaders. Yet His explanation of all that His Sonship entailed helps us understand how we are to behave as God’s children.
He spoke His Father’s words to the world (v. 26). Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He gave us the same assignment. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15).
Christ did nothing on His own initiative (John 8:28). Sonship never implies weakness, but it does require surrender to the Father’s authority.
He spoke as the Father taught Him(v. 28). Christians aren’t to depend on personal instinct but, rather, are to learn and rely on the truth of God’s Word.
Jesus always did what pleased the Father (v. 29). God’s children no longer live for their own pleasures; rather, they seek the joy and blessings of living in obedience to their Father.
Christ did not pursue His own glo…