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Happy Mother's Day

HappyMother's Day Give thanks to God for your mother if she is alive or deceased. Mother carried you for nine months sometimes sick and working; not counting being a wife and parent to her other children if she had previous children.
Love mother whether she was of good or bad character; whether she kept you or gave you for adoption, she's still your mother and did what she thought was right for you.
This Sunday is "Mothers Day;"A special day set aside just for mother! Honor it, but thank God for her. - Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy

Saved by Garbage

Friday, May 6 Saved by Garbage And now my head shall be lifted up above my enemies all around me; therefore I will offer sacrifices of joy in His tabernacle; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the LORD.
Psalm 27:6 Recommended Reading
Psalm 27
Last winter when a blizzard struck New York City, it became impossible for sanitation engineers to collect the garbage. Piles of trash accumulated in Manhattan. Though unpleasant for most residents, it saved the life of one man. A 26-year-old New Yorker, distraught over fears he would be evicted from his apartment, jumped from the ninth floor of his building. He landed in a huge heap of trash bags and escaped with only minor injuries. There's a lot of sadness, despair, and depression in life; and we can't depend on the world's garbage to save us. We need the joy of the Lord and the uplifting power of His Word! To find true happiness, it's important to separate from bad company and other negative influences, and to daily renew our…

God's Timing

Friday, May 06, 2011  Send to a Friend  More Free Newsletters God's Timing

by Charles R. Swindoll
Read Exodus 2:11–14 I'm convinced Moses was doing more than grandstanding. I believe he was absolutely sincere. He didn't see himself murdering a cruel slave driver as much as courageously striking a blow for God's people. The desire to do something right overcame him. His problem? He dedicated himself to the will of God, but not to the God whose will it was. Let that thought sink in. You and I can become so dedicated to the will of God, we can be so driven by a blind sense of purpose, that we might inadvertently take matters into our own hands and leave God completely out of the loop. Been there, done that? Did that cruel taskmaster need to be punished? Yes. Was it wrong to beat that Hebrew as he did? Certainly. But when Moses stepped in and began his own Operation Deliverance, he was energized by the flesh, not the Spirit. How easily this can happen to good people, to men a…

What's the Purpose of Testimony?

Friday, May 6, 2011 Send to a Friend Free Newsletters What's the Purpose of Testimony? Greg Laurie When you tell other people about what God has done for you, you are sharing your testimony. A testimony is when you share your story of how you came to faith. Every Christian has a testimony.
Some Christians have dramatic testimonies where they tell of being delivered from a life of drug addiction or crime or some sordid deeds. Other Christians don't have testimonies that are quite as dramatic - but they are just as significant.
I like to hear how people came to Christ, but I don't like it when people go into gory details about their past. Then there are testimonies where people tell how much they have given up for Jesus. They'll say things like, "I gave up this and that for Jesus. I have made such sacrifices for the Lord. I have done it all for Him!"
Your testimony is not about what you gave up for Jesus. It's about what He gave up for you. Don't share …

Beloved Children, Pleasing to God

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May 6
Beloved Children, Pleasing to God
Ephesians 5:1-10
Our calling as Christians is to imitate Jesus Christ, but what big footsteps He left! The heavenly Father attested several times in the Scriptures, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased” (Matt. 3:17). How can we possibly live up to that?
Thankfully, the Lord does not expect us to be perfect like Jesus. Knowing that we are encumbered by the weaknesses of our flesh, He sees us as children who are still learning. Just like a mother who rejoices over the her baby’s first steps, so our heavenly Father delights in our early faltering steps of obedience as we seek to walk with Him.
The goal is growth. Once a toddler masters walking, his parents’ delight shifts to more mature achievements like running. As long as we keep growing in our faith, we will never cease learning new ways to please our Father. He loves us and patiently cheers us on at each new level of matu…