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Fresh Start Devotionals

Hobbies “The only difference between men and boys,” they say, “is the price of their toys.” I don’t know about you, but I resemble that remark! My first “adult” hobby was photography. I learned how to take pictures and develop them during a college course. I took the course with a borrowed camera and the school’s darkroom equipment, but later, I decided I needed my own stuff. Now I have several cameras, all kinds of lenses, and two tripods. Until our last garage sale, I also had a full darkroom set-up. I can’t remember the last time I took a picture. When we lived in Southern California, I took up golfing. Some men in the Church wanted me to play with them so they bought me some lessons at a local Country Club so I’d be good enough. I started with a cheap set of clubs, but graduated to a full set of Link’s Irons, woods, and a nice leather bag. I even owned an electric cart for a while. I don’t want to remember the last time I played golf. I don’t have the space to mention the “woo…

Amazing Grace : 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions

October 22 SOLDIERS OF CHRIST, ARISE Charles Wesley, 1707–1788 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. (Ephesians 6:10, 11) Followers of Christ are also His soldiers—called to do battle with the forces of Satan and evil. Victories are never won while resting in the barracks. God’s soldiers must always be alert and dressed in full armor. That armor includes six important pieces: (Ephesians 6:10–20) • The belt of truth (warriors with absolute integrity). • The breastplate of righteousness (people must see our good works). • Sandals of peace (though soldiers, we are called to be peacemakers). • Shield of faith (for extinguishing all of Satan’s doubts and fears). • Helmet of salvation (one of Satan’s chief attacks is the mind). • Sword of the Spirit—the Word of God (our only offensive weapon). In addition to wearing…

Consultation on Common Texts, Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2011 | AFTER PENTECOST SATURDAY BEFORE PROPER 25 YEAR A Psalm, First Reading & Second Reading, Option I Psalm Psalm 1 First Reading Proverbs 24:23–34 (Complementary) Second Reading John 5:39–47 or Psalm, First Reading & Second Reading, Option II Psalm Psalm 90:1–6, 13–17 First Reading Deuteronomy 32:44–47 (Semicontinuous) Second Reading John 5:39–47 Consultation on Common Texts, Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings (Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2011).