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Consultation on Common Texts, Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2011 | AFTER PENTECOST TUESDAY AFTER PROPER 25 YEAR A Psalm, First Reading & Second Reading, Option I Psalm Psalm 119:41–48 First Reading Deuteronomy 10:10–22 (Complementary) Second Reading James 2:14–26 or Psalm, First Reading & Second Reading, Option II Psalm Psalm 119:41–48 First Reading Exodus 34:29–35 (Semicontinuous) Second Reading James 2:14–26 Consultation on Common Texts, Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings (Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2011).

Amazing Grace : 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions

October 25 FAITH IS THE VICTORY John H. Yates, 1837–1900 … this is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. (1 John 5:4) Saving faith must always be reflected in a working faith. Our response of faith to the redemptive work of Christ transforms us; but then we need a daily motivating faith if we want to live overcoming lives. To live by faith is to believe with conviction that God’s purposes for us will ultimately prevail. In fact, prevailing faith anticipates victory and celebrates in advance. For example, read the Old Testament account of how singers preceded the warriors into battle and the defeat of the enemy was accomplished (2 Chronicles 20:20–22). Our faith does not develop merely through intellectual assent to biblical dogma or through wishful thinking. Rather, it is a lifetime commitment to the person of Christ with a response of obedience to His Word (Romans 10:17). This hymn of faith and victory was first published in 1891 in the Christian Endeavor Hymna…

Fresh Start Devotionals

Hector I can’t talk about it without getting misty-eyed; even though a decade has passed since it happened, I still get choked up every time I talk about it. It was the first day I ever gave something to missions that really cost me. “Hector” (not his real name) was my pastor. No, I didn’t attend his church, I was a pastor myself, but even pastors need pastors and I was lucky to have Hector. His church was about 90 miles from mine, but we talked on the phone a lot and we rode together to Executive Board meetings in Fresno. Hector has a great sense of humor, I still chuckle when I think of some of the things he’s said over the years. He was a coin collector and I was a baseball card collector, so almost every trip we made together we’d find some out of the way collector’s shop and browse through the merchandise. We always had a great time together and he was always there for me if I needed someone to talk to. Always, that is, until he answered a call to become a missionary to a par…