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Amazing Grace : 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions

HOLY GOD, WE PRAISE THY NAME From the Te Deum, c. 4th century, Attributed to Ignace Franz, 1719–1790 English Translation by Clarence Walworth, 1820–1900 In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise Your name forever. (Psalm 44:8) Much of the origin of this noble expression of praise and worship is lost in obscurity. Through the centuries the “Te Deum” has been one of the supreme triumphal expressions of praise used by the Christian Church. The original setting of “Te Deum Laudamus” was likely composed by Bishop Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Italy, in A.D. 387, and an important leader in the development of early church music. Paraphrases of this fourth century “Te Deum” have been written in many languages, including this text in German, from which it was later translated into English by an American Catholic priest, Clarence A. Walworth. The hymn is still an important part of the morning service liturgy in Anglican churches and it is sung frequently in all Protestant churches…

Fresh Start Devotionals

Two Friends From across the street everything looked fine over at Gary’s house. Really, he appeared to live an idyllic life, you might even say he was living “the good life.” Gary rose to the top of his profession rather quickly, and his marriage seemed solid. After all, not everyone makes it past their tenth anniversary. Gary was focused. In just three years at a Fortune 500 company, Gary had proven himself with hard work and dedication. His hard work was paying off, but it was also taking its toll on him. Just to unwind after a hard day’s work, Gary would enjoy a cold one. Often, on business trips, Gary would relax with Jack Daniels. Soon he was spending more time in the bottle than with his wife. Until one day when his wife said, she’d had enough. Maybe it was because he spent so much time in the bottle, but Gary never saw the “other man” or the divorce coming. The pain was more than he could bear, so he tried to drown it in his bottle. Emilio, Gary’s next door neighbor had p…