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Amazing Grace : 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions

November 29 JESUS CALLS US Mrs. Cecil F. Alexander, 1818–1895 Whoever serves Me must follow Me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves Me. (John 12:26) God’s call for discipleship comes to every believer, not just a special few. Whether or not we hear God’s call depends on our spiritual sensitivity. The last Sunday in November is known as St. Andrew’s Day. It has traditionally been an important day in the liturgical worship of the Anglican church. It commemorates the calling of Andrew by Jesus as recorded in Matthew 4:18–20 and Mark 1:16–l8. “At once they [Simon and his brother Andrew] left their nets and followed Him.” Andrew has become the patron saint of Scotland, and the oblique cross on which tradition says he was crucified is part of the Union Jack of the British flag. This is another of the quality hymn texts written by Cecil Frances Alexander, recognized as one of England’s finest women hymn writers. It is one of the few of Mrs. Ale…

Fresh Start Devotionals

The Call Another date with Ted Koppel, Josephine thinks as she listens to her constant companion, the TV. She carries the hot TV dinner through the hallway into the living room and settles into her Victorian chair for another lonely evening at home. As she peels back the foil, steam rises from her dinner, fogging her glasses. The phone rings. Who could that be? She thinks. Josephine takes off her glasses and finds the receiver by the third ring. “Hello … Johnny, so nice to hear from you, it’s been so long … Oh, my, is she all right?… Of course I will … sure … how much do you need?… $500.00?… that’s a lot of money, but I’ll find a way … nice to talk to you too son, come see me some time … yeah, I know you’re busy … I love you.” Where did I put my glasses? Oh, there they are. Her eyes slowly coming into focus. Swiss steak, green peas and potatoes. Again. She bows her head and prays. “Thank you Lord, for Johnny’s call. Please help little Jennifer’s arm heal, I know how difficult we…