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April 25

Alfred H. Ackley, 1887–1960
  He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay. (Matthew 28:6)
“Why should I worship a dead Jew?”
This challenging question was posed by a sincere young Jewish student who had been attending evangelistic meetings conducted by the author and composer of this hymn, Alfred H. Ackley. In his book, Forty Gospel Hymn Stories, George W. Sanville records Mr. Ackley’s answer to this searching question, which ultimately prompted the writing of this popular gospel hymn:
  He lives! I tell you, He is not dead, but lives here and now! Jesus Christ is more alive today than ever before. I can prove it by my own experience, as well as the testimony of countless thousands.
Mr. Sanville continues:
  Mr. Ackley’s forthright, emphatic answer, together with his subsequent triumphant effort to win the man for Christ, flowered forth into song and crystallized into a convincing sermon on “He Lives!” In his re-reading of the re…

Joseph’s brother’s didn’t like him. No, they couldn’t stand him. They knew he was their father’s favorite, and so did Joseph. Joseph seemed to have a knack for rubbing it in their faces.

On an errand for his father, Joseph approached the field where his brothers were working. When the boys spotted him, their anger reached a boiling point so they threw him into a pit, intending on killing him. Instead, they decided to profit from their sin, they sold him into slavery and told their Dad that he died.

Joseph prospered as a slave and became a servant to a high official in Egypt. The official’s wife had designs on Joseph, but because he was a righteous man, he rebuffed her advances. Humiliated by his rejection, she told her husband that Joseph had made advances to her, so he was thrown into prison.

He prospered in prison too, and became the jailer’s assistant, and helped interpret dreams for prisoners. When Pharaoh had dreams that troubled him, he heard about Joseph’s ability to in…