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    EPHESIANS 3:17

“THAT CHRIST may dwell in your hearts by faith” is the second petition. We readily grant that we are considering a realm that is beyond the compass of any created mind, yet that does not warrant our denying God’s Word. We freely admit that the God-man Mediator does not indwell the saints, for His humanity is localized in heaven. But Christ is, essentially, a divine person, coequal with the Father and the Spirit, and in becoming flesh the Word lost none of His divine attributes. Omnipresence pertains as much to Him now as it did before He became incarnate, and as a divine person He indwells His people as really as do the other Persons of the Godhead. God the Father dwells in His children: if 1 John 4:12–15 is read attentively, it will be seen that in that passage “God” clearly has reference to the Father. The Holy Spirit dwells in the saint individually and in the Church corporeally (Rom. 8:8, 11; 1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19); and God t…
May 5

Text from Münster Gesangbuch, 1677
4th verse translated by Joseph A. Seiss, 1823–1904
  For by Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him. (Colossians 1:16)
This lovely hymn extolling the beauty and virtues of Christ leads us to the praise and worship or our “beautiful Savior.” The vivid comparisons of all the enjoyable sights of nature with Jesus, who is the very source and essence of all beauty, fill us with awe. Then we are reminded that our Savior outshines all creations of God, including the hosts of angels. How worthy He is of the deepest “glory and honor, praise, adoration now and forevermore!”
Little is known of the origin of this inspiring hymn. It is thought by some to have been sung in the 12th century by the German crusaders as they made their wearisome and dangerous trip to the Holy Land. Another source claims th…

There is some food that I like piping hot straight from the oven. Every now and then I catch the line at Chipotle just right where they pour fresh chicken into the pan right as it is time to make my burrito. Now I like their burritos no matter how long that chicken has been in the pan, but it is especially good when it’s fresh. I feel the same way about pizza. I’ve burned the roof of my mouth more than once with hot cheese because I couldn’t wait for the tasty triangle to cool off before I take my first bite. Another food that’s best hot out of the oven is apple pie or oven-baked bread. The other day Susan made some fresh cinnamon raisin bread in our bread-maker. I heard the beep go off, signifying that it was going into the cooling cycle. I found some pot holders and slowly extracted the prize out of the hot baking oven. Before Susan could finish telling me to leave her bread alone, I slipped it out of its hot prison, buttered my slice and began feasting.

Other foods I pre…