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Beginning June 1, 2012 Announcement Dear Reader's, I had surgery on my shoulder and could not write for several weeks pass. Now that I can research, copy and write articles, I make this announcement for a new look concerning formatting, researching, copying and writing Biblical articles for your spiritual enrichment.
Each Wednesday, as well as each Sunday, you will be presented with: In the Word, This Week with the Word, and the Sunday School Lesson. (This will give you to read your Sunday School Lesson of two (2) writers as well as what is transpiring in the world concerning Christian Scripture's and prophecy's.)
Each Wednesday, as well as each Sunday, you whom are interested in how a sermon is outlined, or how to use word studying and references to gain Biblical knowledge will have complete sermon outlines.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- Saturday, there will be the new devotions.
Holidays will have sermons conducive with its celebrations. 
In doing so, there should be enough on &…
Donald Trump has re-ignited his racist smear campaign against President Obama. Once again, he's touting the disproven theory that President Obama was not born in the United States.1 At the same time, he's working to raise millions of dollars for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.2 Despite Trump's insistence on stoking racial fears, Romney is actively seeking his support, and the support of those that believe his conspiracy theories. Mitt Romney is sending a clear message: he's fine with his supporters launching racial attacks on President Obama. We can't let this stand. Please join us in publicly confronting Mitt Romney.Click here to sign your name to the following petition: "I demand that you stop working with Donald Trump, condemn his racial attacks on President Obama (including the birther conspiracy theory) and reject the use of race as a wedge issue in your campaign." Last night was a pivotal moment for Mitt Romney. While he and Trump held a ser…