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The Lord is Good … Tell It Wherever You Go!

June 3, 2011 The Lord is Good … Tell It Wherever You Go! Nahum 1:7 I.Introduction A.Nahum Often Counted The Highest Among The Minor Prophets 1.Nahum prophesied about the time of Isaiah and Micah 2.    Nahum was a native of Galilee 3.    Capernaum means “Village of Nahum” 4.    Nahum means “comforter” 5.    Primarily a book of prophesied judgment against Ninevah … about 150 years after Jonah’s revival there 6.    Perhaps best known to some because of 2:3–4… sometimes thought to be a prophecy of the automobile B.The Text for Today 1.A message of tranquility in a time of trouble 2.    A message of comfort in a time of chaos 3.    A message of peace in a time of peril II.Body A.The Lordis Good … Reveals the Personality of the Lord 1.What good news! God is good a.    Not a divine dictator bent on punishment b.    Not a triune tyrant waiting to pounce on us 2.    The child’s prayer: “Godis great, Godis good” HE IS! 3.    The Lordis good: Creation declares it! a.    Genesis 1:1–25: Each part of cre…