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God’s Blessed Man

June 10, 2012 God’s Blessed Man Psalm 1 I.Introduction A.Who Wants to be Blessed of God? 1.Most would answer affirmatively 2.    Your presence here indicates your interest in God’sblessing B.The First Step in God’sway of Blessing is Salvation 1.This is the message of the entire Bible 2.    There is no formula for blessing that does not begin with faith 3.    Psalm 1assumes that salvation has taken place C.Prescription for Blessing II.Body A.The Dangers to God’sBlessed Man (v. 1) 1.There are detours along the way 2.    The threefold danger: a.    Walking in the counsel of the ungodly (1)   The ungodly always are ready to give advice (2)   This may be in the form of literature (3)   This may be in the form of advertising (4)   This may be in the form of entertainment b.    Standing in the way of sinners (1)   First you listen, then you live (2)   As the twig is bent c.    Sitting in the seat of the scornful (1)   Note the progression: first listened, then adopted the standards, now makes fun of…