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Amazing Grace : 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions

June 18

Words and Music by Jack P. Scholfield, 1882–1972
  Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. (Romans 10:13)
  Indulgence says, “Drink your way out.”
  Philosophy says, “Think your way out.”
  Science says, “Invent your way out.”
  Industry says, “Work your way out.”
  Communism says, “Strike your way out.”
  Militarism says, “Fight your way out.”
  Christ says, “I AM THE WAY OUT!”
We commonly use many terms to describe a Christian—“saved,” “born again,” “justified.” Although these words are important to us who understand and appreciate them, they can sometimes be confusing and misunderstood by anyone who is unfamiliar with a biblical vocabulary. To people who are seeking, we must always be ready to explain these terms in language that is relevant to them. A personal encounter with Christ is much more important than the terminology we use to describe this salvation experience.
We must emphasize that it is Christ and Christ alone who saves—…

Fresh Start Devotions

June 18


The alarm clock screams at you at an ungodly hour. Your kids can’t find their socks, won’t look for them and expect you to know where they are. The milk and your husband have something in common … they are both spoiled. He’s upset because he wants to hear “snap, crackle and pop” while he reads the paper. If he mentions the milk one more time you’re fully prepared to give him “snap, crackle and pop!” It won’t be in his cereal bowl.

You look at your watch, “oh no late again.” You rush through your routine, get dressed as fast as you can. “I can’t be late again.” Oh No! Your last pair of hose just got a run. Isn’t that the way it always is? Dressed in your best jeans, you turn the key in the car. NOTHING! Your car won’t start. What a day, your hose runs and your car won’t!

Life is filled with challenging days, and we can’t do anything to change that fact, but we can do something about the way we react to them. Challenging days can be filled with life when we approach them…