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Second Installment on "Faith"

This Wednesday is the second installment, and several Wednesday's to follow will be sermon outlines on "Faith".

This series carry with it the manner of "Faith" leading up to the prerequisite of "Prayer" to believe in "Faith"  that God will provide your request in your supplication if you have "Faith".

Follow this series in the following weeks to learn about "Faith"  first, to lead up to an anointing and fulfillment prayer-life through Christ Jesus. - Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy

Faith: What It Is and What It Does!

Faith: What It Is and What It Does!

Hebrews 11:1
          I.      Introduction
         A.      An Important Word in the Bible
         1.      Ephesians 2:8–9: We are saved by faith in Christ
         2.      Romans 5:1: We are justified by faith in Christ
         B.      Faith Defined
         1.      The assurance of things hoped for
         2.      The conviction of their reality
         3.      Believing God to the point of action
         4.      Humanity’s favorable response to God’s revelation
         C.      How Faith Affects our Lives
  II.      Body
         A.      Faith Made Abel Worship God (v. 4)
         1.      We do not know many details of Abel’s faith
           a.      We do not know just how much was revealed to him
           b.      Remember that Adam walked with God
         2.      We do know that his faith caused him to worship God
           a.      Picked the choicest lamb as an offering
           b.      Brought it to the place of sacrifice