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From Suicide to Salvation

June 24, 2012

 From Suicide to Salvation

      Acts 16:25–34      I.      Introduction
         A.      Drama in a Dungeon
         B.      Paul and Silas in Prison
         1.      Their feet in stocks
         2.      At midnight, they pray and praise the Lord
         C.      Questions from the Darkness
II.      Body
         A.      What Makes the Soul Delight? (v. 25)
         1.      The pain, the darkness, tomorrow’s prospects
         2.      Reasons they might have been depressed
           a.      They had obeyed the Macedonian call (16:9)
           b.      They had been leading people to Christ
           c.      They had been sensitive to human needs
           d.      Now they were in prison
         3.      Nevertheless, they praised God
         4.      How can the soul delight in the dark?
           a.      By focusing on Jesus rather than problems
           b.      By identifying with Jesus in suffering
           c.      By believing God will bring us through