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Fresh Start Devotionals

June 30

Are You in the Picture?

We’ve had a bad habit for several years, we load the film in the camera, take the pictures, and then put the roll of film in a dresser drawer. Recently, Susan’s been taking a few rolls a week to get them developed. We never know what we’re going to see when we open the package. It’s the closest we get to playing the lottery.

The pictures range from snapshots of church functions to pictures of our children when they were tiny, but they do have one thing in common—Susan isn’t in the picture. Why? She’s the official family photographer.

While thumbing through the pictures, I remembered a story Pastor Dan Rhodes told me last year. Dan is the pastor of two rural churches in Colorado and stays busy. Like most pastors, he has plenty to do, but by being the pastor of two churches, he has twice the committee meetings, and twice the worship services.

As Dan tells the story, his daughter’s third grade teacher requested a parent teacher conference with him. His wife…

Amazing Grace : 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions

June 30

Words and Music by Albert A. Ketchum, 1894–?
  Shout with joy to God, all the earth! Sing to the glory of His name; offer Him glory and praise! (Psalm 66:1, 2)
  Fill me with gladness from above,
  Hold me by strength divine;
  Lord, let the glow of your great love
  Through my whole being shine.
The Christian life was meant to be a joyous experience. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate our inner joy is to carry a song upon our lips throughout our daily activities. It was my father who first taught me this truth. As a painter-decorator, Dad became known to his many customers as the “singing painter.” Singing his favorite hymns while he worked became his natural way of life. At his funeral, many of his customers, both believers and nonbelievers, told me of the impact my father had upon them as they observed his cheerful attitude while he worked.
It is important that we carry a song of the Lord with us. The world needs to see and he…