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The Birth of a Nation

The Birth of a Nation Series on Faith      I.      IntroductionHebrews 11:8–10; Genesis 12:1–3          A.      The Three Beginnings
         1.      Genesis 1: Beginning with Adam
         2.      Genesis 6–7: Beginning with Noah
         3.      Genesis 12: Beginning with Abram
         B.      When the World Rebels, God Deals with one Man
         1.      The Tower of Babel
         2.      Out of the confusion comes a call
         3.      God will give birth to the nation Israel through Abram
         4.      Many lessons here for individuals and for any nation longing for God’s blessings
    II.      Body          A.      God Calls Abram to a Life of Faith (v. 1)
         1.      “Get thee out of thy country”
           a.      Ur of the Chaldees, Abram’s country
           b.      Great surprise to archeologists: an advanced civilization
         2.      Abram, a wealthy man in Ur
         3.      “Unto a land that I will show thee”
           a.      Abram must leave t…