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Fresh Start Devotionals

July 28


Even when things are proper, they aren’t proper everywhere under all circumstances. Throwing, catching, and hitting a ball are all proper at a baseball park, but wouldn’t be proper in a movie theater. Not that there’s anything wrong with baseball. It’s just that it belongs outdoors. Yeah, I know a lot of stadiums are indoor stadiums, but as a baseball purist, I stand by that last statement-it belongs outdoors.

OK, I’ll allow that it is still appropriate in an indoor stadium-it’s not the same. There’s nothing wrong with playing baseball in a park or in a field either. Some of my fondest baseball memories are in sandlots, not stadiums. But you’ll have to agree with me that baseball doesn’t belong in a movie theater.

Movie theaters are a great place for, well, showing movies, but they would be a terrible place for playing baseball. For one thing, the stage just isn’t big enough to set up the bases, the floors are too slick and ceilings are too low. It just wouldn’t work out…

Amazing Grace: 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions

July 28

Words and Music by N. B. Vandall, 1896–1970
  … weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. (Psalm 30:5)
How much more content we are if we know that after some trying or painful experience, there will be pleasure and a reward. Such thoughts help to spur on the athlete in competition, a mother during the birth of a child, or a weary workman on his way home to a warm fire and loved ones. It was in the midst of a tragic personal experience that the author and composer of the hymn was moved to express this consoling thought.
N. B. Vandall, a singer and a well-known gospel evangelist, was rushed to the hospital to discover that his son Paul had just been struck by a car and was critically injured. The doctor held out very little hope for recovery. Mr. Vandall recalled:
  For one hour and fifteen minutes, I held on in prayer while they cleaned and sewed up the head wounds and set the broken bones. Wearily I made my way back to my humble home. I tried to…