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September 2, 2012

Grow in Grace

September 2, 2012

Series on Growth      2 Peter 3:18
          I.      Introduction
         A.      The Christian Life Begins with a Birth
         1.      Upon receiving Christ we are born again (John 1:12–13)
         2.      Nicodemas and the new birth (John 3)
         B.      This is What Separates the Gospel from Religion
         1.      Religion is man’s effort to reach up to God
         2.      Salvation is God coming down to man and making him a new creation
         C.      But After Birth Comes Growth
          II.      Body
         A.      What is Growth in Grace?
         1.      What it is not:
           a.      It is not becoming more saved than at the moment of conversion
           b.      It is not becoming more pardoned than when converted
           c.      It is not becoming more justified than at salvation
         2.      What Christian growth is: “When I speak of growth in grace I mean increase in the degree, size, strength, vigor and power of…

An Unusual Portrait

September 1: An Unusual Portrait
Hosea 1:1–2:23; Acts 1:1–26

“At the beginning when Yahweh spoke through Hosea, Yahweh said to Hosea, ‘Go, take for yourself a wife and children of whoredom, because the land commits great whoredom forsaking Yahweh.’ So he went and took Gomer daughter of Diblaim, and she conceived and bore him a son” (Hos 1:2–3). God’s people had prostituted themselves to other nations by seeking their help instead of Yahweh’s. Hosea’s act, which dramatized the rebellion of God’s people against Him, is one of the oddest in the Bible.
God loves His people with passion and jealousy. He has little tolerance when they seek alliances with other nations and put false gods before Him. At times, He takes shocking measures to get their attention. The act He requires of Hosea not only depicts Israel’s unfaithfulness, but it also reveals God’s own feelings of betrayal. Many of us can empathize.
At such moments in the Bible, it’s hard to understand how God uses such behavior to furt…