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Good Opportunities and Difficult Decisions

October 25: Good Opportunities and Difficult Decisions
Daniel 1:1–2:16

When Daniel is invited to dine at the king’s table—a great honor reserved for the favored (Dan. 1:1–4)—he turns down the offer. Instead of eating food and wine fit for a king, Daniel and the other Israelite s settle on a diet of vegetables and water (Dan. 1:12).
Daniel’s decision seems to contradict human nature. When a good situation comes along (like being invited to eat at the royal table), we often jump at the chance. Yet in doing so, we may fail to consider the ramifications. Daniel knows that eating at the king’s table means compromising Yahweh’s commands against eating certain foods. So when he’s offered a great opportunity, he is bold enough to say no and to offer an alternative (Dan. 1:10–14). Daniel knows that God will provide for those who love Him. He also knows that being in God’s will is more important than anything else, even if it means facing opposition.
Paul’s statement in 1 Thess. 2:2 demonstrates…