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Morning and Evening : Daily Readings,

Morning, March 14      Go To Evening Reading

         “Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.”
         — 1 Corinthians 10:12

It is a curious fact, that there is such a thing as being proud of grace. A man says, “I have great faith, I shall not fall; poor little faith may, but I never shall.” “I have fervent love,” says another, “I can stand, there is no danger of my going astray.” He who boasts of grace has little grace to boast of. Some who do this imagine that their graces can keep them, knowing not that the stream must flow constantly from the fountain head, or else the brook will soon be dry. If a continuous stream of oil comes not to the lamp, though it burn brightly to-day, it will smoke to-morrow, and noxious will be its scent. Take heed that thou gloriest not in thy graces, but let all thy glorying and confidence be in Christ and his strength, for only so canst thou be kept from falling. Be much more in prayer. Spend longer time in holy adoration. Read the Sc…

A Psalm of Confidence

March 14: A Psalm of Confidence
Psalm 16:1–11; 1 Corinthians 7:1–16

“You are my Lord,” the psalmist acknowledges. “I have no good apart from you” (Psa. 16:2).
We know that God is everything we need, but somehow the details still get in the way. We want to alleviate our troubles through other means—that vacation, the position that will bring recognition, or the spouse who will complete us. The psalmist says that anyone who places their desire in anything other than God will only increase in sorrow (Psa. 16:4). (Paul makes a similar point, but in regards to marriage in 1 Cor. 7: Marriage brings joy, but it comes with its own sorrows and “affliction in the flesh.”)
It seems radical and difficult to live out the psalmist’s simple confession. The ancient practice of idol worship is alive and well in our modern-day culture and in our own hearts. (Just look at the magazine rack or TV shows if you think I’m wrong: what is worshiped there?) We are just like the Israelite's—unfaithful and pr…