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My Prayer for Today

My Prayer for Today Most Holy Father, Jehovah, I come with a prayer of thanksgiving, thanking You for answering my prayers for a Christian friend that had opened heart surgery yesterday, and is now in post operative recovery. Hallelujah! Now I come with a prayer of supplication for a Facebook friend that is secular asking for prayer for: A new life and fulfillment of a job that would be her optimal job in the fashion industry. I thank You through the Holy Spirit for giving me the correct writing communication skills through Facebook for her prayer requests. As I wrote to the young lady as I do daily, I write, "COME TO JESUS" in a humble and loving way. In Jesus' precious name is my prayer of thanksgiving and supplication. - Min. Lynwood F. Mundy

Morning and Evening: Daily Readings, Complete and unabridged; New modern edition

Morning, April 25      Go To Evening Reading

         “Rise up my love, my fair one, and come away.” 
         — Song of Solomon 2:10

Lo, I hear the voice of my Beloved! He speaks to me! Fair weather is smiling upon the face of the earth, and he would not have me spiritually asleep while nature is all around me awaking from her winter’s rest. He bids me “Rise up,” and well he may, for I have long enough been lying among the pots of worldliness. He is risen, I am risen in him, why then should I cleave unto the dust? From lower loves, desires, pursuits, and aspirations, I would rise towards him. He calls me by the sweet title of “My love,” and counts me fair; this is a good argument for my rising. If he has thus exalted me, and thinks me thus comely, how can I linger in the tents of Kedar and find congenial associates among the sons of men? He bids me “Come away.” Further and further from everything selfish, grovelling, worldly, sinful, he calls me; yea, from the outwardly religious world…

Bound for the Promised Land

April 25: Bound for the Promised Land
Joshua 14:1–15:63; Psalm 54:1–7

Faith is not just about being faithful; it’s also about trusting in God’s faithfulness.
For years God dealt with the confused and waning nature of His people while they were in the wilderness. They wondered, “Will God actually do what Moses has told us?” They had seen God repeatedly act on their behalf, but they continued to grow frightened and faithless. In return, the first generation that left Egypt never saw the promises of God. Instead, a later generation witnessed His faithfulness.
In Joshua 14:1–15:63, we see God fulfilling His words. Caleb and Joshua get a chance to witness this faithfulness, but the Hebrews who doubted that God would act on their behalf did not (Josh 14:6–15; also see Num 13:25–14:45). This is an incredible moment: these two men had watched the failures of their elders and led their peers and people younger than them so that they could witness the faithfulness of God together. You can almost…