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Memorial Day

Memorial Day Thanks to our men/women that serve in our Armed Forces. Special thanks to those men/women whom gave their livesfor our freedom.

Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional

May 27: Math: Maybe Not a Mystic Language After All
1 Chronicles 21:1–22:19

In a world of metrics, it’s easy to become obsessed with statistics and start to quantify every aspect of our lives. Stats can even become a type of score-keeping between churches or pastors: “We have more members than you do.” We may never say those words out loud, but we think them; more than one person has made the mistake of measuring a ministry based on attendance. But God has His own method for measuring success.
Prompted by an adversary (“Satan” is often better translated as “adversary” or “accuser” in the Old Testament), David decides to seek metrics—to count the people of Israel. This account illustrates the harm of seeking gratification or understanding in numbers. In 1 Chronicles 21, major problems emerge from this: including placing an adversary’s will above God’s and predicting God’s will rather than seeking it regularly.
Rather than counting our successes, we should be counting on God for success.…