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My Prayer for Today

My Prayer for Today Almighty Jehovah God, thank You for bringing a 32 year prophecy to vision to me. Hallelujah! Now I pray for all of the peoples of the world that they may be blessed by You whom are Christian's and the secular as well. I pray that those religions that worship as a guise to You, and those religions that worship idols, false human god's, religions that remove Jesus from the Bible for their bible's,and those religions that have a false prophet that proclaim their god sent their prophet for the peoples to be the one to serve, and their religion to dominate the world religions under one (their); no where can their god be found, but their prophet can be found.  Jesuswill come and judge all: He will separate the wheat from the chaff--those that are dead in the seas of the world, those that are dead in the earth, and lastly, those that are living on that dreadful day (read Revelations in its entirety). COME TO JESUS WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE. In Jesus' …

Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional

June 24: It’s Simple
1 John 5:6–12

I tend to complicate matters. Determined to understand the nuances of a problem, I spend more time constructing a solution than I need to. Often, delaying a simple solution is my way of avoiding action that requires me to be courageous, intentional, or perhaps admit I’m wrong.
John’s first letter addresses a complication of the gospel message. False teachers were causing division in the community by spreading incorrect doctrines about Christ’s humanity and divinity. Without understanding that Christ is both man and God, some people in the community were in danger of diminishing Christ’s saving work and confusing the gospel. John spends the greater portion of the letter guiding his readers through the murky doctrines the false teachers had introduced.
However, John’s climactic point at the close of his letter is far from complex. First John 5:11–12 contains a statement about belief that is both simple and decisive: “And this is the testimony: that God has…