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Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional

July 26: Courtroom Drama, Daytime TV, and Good Deity
Psalm 143:1–12

I remember old television courtroom episodes where people beg for forgiveness from a cynical judge when they should seek forgiveness from the person they've wronged. Usually these shows take the irony to the next level: The judge shows less mercy to those who beg, viewing their actions as further demonstration of their weak character. Thankfully, God is not this kind of judge, though we often falsely characterize Him that way.
At the beginning of Psa 143, the psalmist remarks, “O Yahweh, hear my prayer; listen to my supplications. In your faithfulness answer me” (Psa 143:1). He then adds, “And do not enter into judgment with your servant, because no one alive is righteous before you” (Psa 143:2). The psalmist’s prayers are well spoken, but are they honest? The psalmist goes on, “Teach me to do [Your] will, for you are my God; your Spirit is good. Lead me onto level ground” (Psa 143:10). This line demonstrates that …