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Prayer  Lord, thank you for this day. Thank You for my family, friends, enemies, church and President. Lord, give us all strength and health if it is Your will. Thank You Lord that the "Death Angle" has not visited any of us by Your grace and mercy. I pray for those that do not love everyone as Jesus taught-Matthew 5:44-45a-that they will come to Him in genuine Repentance for the remission of their sins. I pray for those that satisfy their existence through science, the big bang theory, Darwinism and atheism,  Look to You The Creator-Ge. 1:1-and believe in their hearts that their is no other god's besides Yahweh-Ex. 20:3. In Jesus' name. Amen. - Min. Lynwood F. Mundy

Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional

December 5
Do No HarmColossians 3:18–4:18
Love can hurt. Many well-intention-ed people have done more harm than good while attempting to care for others. This is especially the case in cross-cultural situations, as well-meaning people attempt to introduce change without understanding the local culture. But it can even be true in our homes.
Paul’s words in Col 3:18–4:1 have been misused countless times by those seeking to gain or maintain power. Yet when we examine the passage closely, we find that Paul’s main goal is to teach the church in Colossae to help without hurting as he works toward seeing cultural norms in the light of the gospel.
When Paul talks about wives “submitting” to their husbands, he frames it in light of the phrase, “husbands love your wives” (Col 3:18–19). The submission he speaks of is not about giving up will or freedom; Paul is acknowledging the cultural and economic realities of the time and encouraging the Church to operate within those norms. In Graeco-Roman …