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Letter to Reader's

Dear Reader's,
I have been experiencing technical problems with my ministry's blog at Google's Blogger.

For unknown technical reasons, my posts for the pass several days of this week have not been posted, but a Sunday post wast posted.

Google has been notified and prayerfully, the problem will be corrected.

Thank you for your patience and willingness to read the ministry's blog posts although it is experiencing technical difficulties.

Your brother in Christ,
Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy

Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional

December 21
ExpensesJeremiah 39:1–41:18
It’s important to pause occasionally to reflect on the cost of sin. If we don’t, we can find ourselves living in it without thought of the ramifications. Few passages illustrate the cost of sin more vividly than the fall of Jerusalem recorded in Jer 39. The fall of Jerusalem is brutal, depressing, and sadistic, but we can learn from Jeremiah’s account of the event.

We could view Jeremiah’s depictions as merely historical, or we could recognize the theological lessons they offer: Sin is expensive. Sin will destroy you. Sin will bring a nation to its knees. Sin will leave you begging for mercy. Sin is death.

That’s what God’s people learned from this event: Disobeying Yahweh is a costly action. It’s not that God wants His people to endure this pain, but pain is a natural consequence of their decisions. He cannot defend people who refuse to live as beacons of light—of goodness, beauty, and blessing—to the world. If they aren’t willing to live in His…