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προσκυνέω in John 4:20-24

προσκυνέω in John 4:20-24
John 4:20–24
Excerpt John 4:20–24 deals with the question of the legitimate place to worship God. Jesus declares the alternative “Jerusalem or Gerizim” posed by the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well (v. 20a, b) to be outdated (vv.2123a, b). Though the Jews’ worship is, indeed, put before that of the Samaritans (v.22a, b), this difference is overcome because “now”“the true worshipers worship the Father in spirit and truth” (v. 23a). This does not constitute a rejection of worship at specific places; it is not a matter of the “inwardness” of worship. “Spirit” is the opposite of “flesh,” of powerless and selfish human existence. Worship “in spirit” is worship within the liberated human situation newly disclosed by God. It happens in the “truth” that has come through Christ (1:17). Indeed, Christis the “truth” (14:6). God’s Spirit leads into “truth” (16:13). Worship “in spirit and truth” (so also 4:24a, b) is worship made possible by Jesus Christ and realized in th…

The River in Eden

The River in Eden Excerpt The trees (v. 9), the river (v. 10), and the precious gold and gems (vv. 11-12) in the garden will also be in the new earth in its eternal state. The new Creation will be endowed with all these elements (Rev. 21:10-112122:1-2), thus indicating that paradise will be restored in the new earth. 2:11-14. These verses, a long parenthesis, describe the richness of the then-known world. The garden was probably in the area of the Persian Gulf, judging from the place names in these verses. If the geography of that area was the same after the Flood as before, then the Tigris (lit., Hiddeqel) andthe Euphrates, the third and fourth rivers, can be identified. The first of the four rivers,Pishon, was in Havilah, in north-central Arabia, east of Palestine. The second river,Gihon, was in Cush, probably not Ethiopia but possibly the land of the Cassites (kaššu in Akk.) in the mountains east of Mesopotamia.More Ross, Allen P. “Genesis.” The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Ex…

Jericho: Mount of Temptation

Jericho: Mount of Temptation
‎From its position above the plain of Jericho, west of the city, the Mount of Temptation affords a good view of the Dead Sea, the north of the Judean Desert, and the Hills of Jerusalem. The mountain is described in the New Testament as the Mount in the Wilderness, where Satan tried for forty days and forty nights to tempt Jesus, promising him the kingdoms of the world (Matthew 4:1–11). Christians started to live as hermits in the caves scattered over the mountain slopes in the 4th century A.D. In the 19th century a Greek Orthodox monastery was built on the hilltop, financed by the Russian Church. The monastery is called the Quarantal, a mis pronunciation of the Latin word for forty.

Roman Military Triumphs

Roman Military Triumphs2 Corinthians 2:14 Excerpt ‎A Roman military triumphal procession was one of the grandest spectacles of ancient times. It was granted to a conqueror only when certain conditions had been fully complied with. Among these it was required that the victory be complete and decisive, that it should be over a foreign foe, that at least five thousand of the enemy should be slain in a single battle, that the conquest should extend the territory of the state, and that it put an end to the war. When the senate decided that all required conditions had been met, a day was appointed and every necessary arrangement was made for the splendid pageant. When the day arrived the people crowded the streets and filled every place from which a good view of the procession could be obtained. The temples were all open and decorated with flowers, and incense was burned on every altar. Fragrant odors from burning spices were profusely scattered through the temples and along the streets, fi…

Christ's Ambassadors

Christ'sAmbassadors Excerpt The nature of Paul’s appointment was to serve as one of Christ’s ambassadors. The verb presbeuō (are ambassadors) means to be “elder” or “first in rank” (Liddell, Scott and Jones 1978). Here we might think of the role of the statesman, where age and high rank often go together. Then as now, an ambassador was someone who represented the interests of his or her nation abroad. In the Old Testament the range of duties included offering congratulations (1 Kings5:12 Sam 8:10), soliciting favors (Num20:14), making alliances (Josh 9:3–7) and protesting wrongful actions (Judg 11:12). The Roman counterpart to the Greekpresbeutēs was the legate (legatus), who was duly appointed by the emperor to administer the imperial provinces on his behalf. Paul was similarly appointed by God to administer the gospel on Christ’s behalf(hyper Christou; compare Eph 3:2). It is as though God himself were making a personal and direct appeal through Paul More Belleville, Linda L. …

Stations of the Cross in the Garden

Stations of the Cross in the Garden ‎ Inside the Garden of Gethsemane the Eastern churches have placed the so-called “stations” representing the various incidents of the crucifixion. We were here during the Greek Easter week, and many pilgrims were making the rounds of these “stations” in the garden. One can not be but struck, while standing in the midst of these companies, with the hold Christ has upon the hearts of the human race. Marathon is sacred because there was first a rebuke offered to the tide of Persian civilization. Waterloo is sacred because there, again, was determined the security of Europe for modern times. But here, under the shadow of Jerusalem, in this dark garden (if this be the identical spot), was won the battle which determined the destiny of the race. No wonder that pilgrims from all parts of the world visit these sacred scenes to recall the triumphs of the Son of God over the woes and sins of the sons of men. It was on Friday, in the month of April, at about …

Do Not Turn Away From God

Do Not Turn Away From GodHebrews 3:12-13 Excerpt In verses 12–13, this example is now applied to all who read Hebrews. The writer’s argument is: If unbelief kept Israelites out of the land of Canaan (a picture of God’s rest), how much more serious is it today to give way to unbelief and thus miss the greater rest (the rest of justification and salvation). The warning is addressed to the whole assembly (See to it, brothers, … encourage one another daily). These phrases recognize individual responsibility to act (that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart, … none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness)and describe accurately the terrible result of sin’s hardening (turns away from the living God). More Stedman, Ray C. Hebrews. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1992. Print. The IVP New Testament Commentary Series

Connect the Testaments

May 6: Community Driven
Judges 9:22–10:18; Philippians 2:19–30; Psalm 68:1–14

By default, we flag our own needs as high priority. And we often measure our church community by how well it’s serving our needs. Caught up in our own spiritual growth, we tend to forget that we’re meant to attend to the physical and spiritual needs of others. Paul upholds Timothy and Epaphroditus to the Philippians as examples of what this type of service should look like.
Paul was intent on sending Timothy to the Philippian church because of his discernment and his servant-like heart. In fact Timothy was the only one suited for the task. Others wouldn’t “sincerely be concerned about [the Philippians’] circumstances. For they all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ” (Phil 2:20–21). Likewise, Paul describes Epaphroditus as a man who suffered to the point of death in order to assist him in his ministry (Phil 2:30).
Both of these men epitomized the natural result of Paul’s commands earlier in hi…

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour

May 6

  Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth
Col. 3:2
He who has his affections set on things above is like one who hangs on by the skies; and, having a secure hold of these, could say, though he saw the world roll away from beneath his feet, “My heart is fixed; my heart is fixed; O Lord, I will sing and give praise!”


Hardman, Samuel G., and Dwight Lyman Moody. Thoughts for the Quiet Hour. Willow Grove, PA: Woodlawn Electronic Publishing, 1997. Print.

Morning and Evening

Morning, May 6      Go To Evening Reading

         “We dwell in him.”
         — 1 John 4:13

Do you want a house for your soul? Do you ask, “What is the purchase?” It is something less than proud human nature will like to give. It is without money and without price. Ah! you would like to pay a respectable rent! You would love to do something to win Christ? Then you cannot have the house, for it is “without price.” Will you take my Master’s house on a lease for all eternity, with nothing to pay for it, nothing but the ground-rent of loving and serving him for ever? Will you take Jesus and “dwell in him?” See, this house is furnished with all you want, it is filled with riches more than you will spend as long as you live. Here you can have intimate communion with Christ and feast on his love; here are tables well-stored with food for you to live on for ever; in it, when weary, you can find rest with Jesus; and from it you can look out and see heaven itself. Will you have the house? Ah!…

My Utmost for His Highest

May 6th

Liberty on the abyss of the gospel

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free. Gal. 5:1.
A spiritually minded man will never come to you with the demand—‘Believe this and that’; but with the demand that you square your life with the standards of Jesus. We are not asked to believe the Bible, but to believe the One Whom the Bible reveals (cf. John 5:39–40 ). We are called to present liberty of conscience, not liberty of view. If we are free with the liberty of Christ, others will be brought into that same liberty—the liberty of realizing the dominance of Jesus Christ.
Always keep your life measured by the standards of Jesus. Bow your neck to His yoke alone, and to no other yoke whatever; and be careful to see that you never bind a yoke on others that is not placed by Jesus Christ. It takes God a long time to get us out of the way of thinking that unless everyone sees as we do, they must be wrong. That is never God’s view. There is only one liberty, th…