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The KJV Commentary Sunday School Lesson, Outline

May 22 Lesson 12 CHILDLIKE FAITH
DEVOTIONAL READING: Isaiah 11:1–9 BACKGROUND SCRIPTURE: Luke 18:15–17; Mark 10:13–16

LUKE 18:15–17
15 And they brought unto him also infants, that he would touch them: but when his disciples saw it, they rebuked them. 16 But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. 17 Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.

MARK 10:16
16 And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.
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Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.
—Luke 18:17
Unit 3: Fullness of Faith LESSONS 9–13
After participating in this lesson, each learner will be able to:
1. Retell the story of Jesus’ blessing the children.
2. Explain why Jesus used children a…

Connect the Testaments

May 21: The Power of Words
1 Chronicles 9:1–10:14; 1 Timothy 5:18–6:2; Psalm 79:1–13

Gossip kills churches. And gossip is always painful, especially when disguised as concern. A request to “pray for so-and-so because of this thing they did” is not asking for prayer; it’s gossiping. If you know some personal detail about someone’s mishap, don’t share it with everyone—take it to God. Entire leadership structures have been wrongfully destroyed because of rumors starting this way.
Paul warns against rumors when he says, “Do not accept an accusation against an elder except on the evidence of two or three witnesses” (1 Tim 5:19). How often have we heard something and been so influenced by it that we accuse someone on the basis of that rumor? Hearing something may make it feel factual, but it’s circumstantial at best.
Although Paul is cautious, he has no tolerance for leaders who sin repeatedly, especially those sinning directly against the community. He tells Timothy to “reprove those who si…

Morning and Evening

Morning, May 21      Go To Evening Reading
         “If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious.”          —1 Peter 2:3
If:—then, this is not a matter to be taken for granted concerning every one of the human race. “If:”—then there is a possibility and a probability that some may not have tasted that the Lord is gracious. “If:”—then this is not a general but a special mercy; and it is needful to enquire whether we know the grace of God by inward experience. There is no spiritual favour which may not be a matter for heart-searching.

But while this should be a matter of earnest and prayerful inquiry, no one ought to be content whilst there is any such thing as an “if” about his having tasted that the Lord is gracious. A jealous and holy distrust of self may give rise to the question even in the believer’s heart, but the continuance of such a doubt would be an evil indeed. We must not rest without a desperate struggle to clasp the Saviour in the arms of faith, and say, “I know wh…

My Utmost for His Highest

There are certain things we must not pray about—moods, for instance. Moods never go by praying, moods go by kicking. A mood nearly always has its seat in the physical condition, not in the moral: It is a continual effort not to listen to the moods which arise from a physical condition; never submit to them for a second. We have to take ourselves by the scruff of the neck and shake ourselves, and we will find that we can do what we said we could not. The curse with most of us is that we won’t. The Christian life is one of incarnate spiritual pluck.

May 21st
Divine reasonings of faith

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33.

Immediately we look at these words of Jesus, we find them the most revolutionary statement human ears ever listened to. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” We argue in exactly the opposite way, even the most spiritually-minded of us—‘But I must live; I must make so much money; I must be…

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour

May 21
  While I was musing the fire burned Ps. 39:3
My soul, if thou wouldst muse more, the fire would burn more. Why dost thou not retire oftener with thyself? Thou wouldst be better fitted for the world if thou wert less worldly. If thou hadst more heavenly fire thou wouldst have more earthly power.
Is there no secret pavilion into which thou canst go and warm thyself? Is there no holy of holies where thou canst catch a glow of impulse that will make thee strong? Is it not written of the Son of Man that “as he prayed the fashion of his countenance was altered?” Yes; it was from His prayer that His transfigured glory came. It was from the glow of His heart that there issued the glow of His countenance. It was when He was musing that the fire kindled.
O my soul, wouldst thou have thy life glorified, beautified, transfigured to the eyes of men? Get thee up into the secret place of God’s pavilion, where the fires of love are burning. Thy life shall shine gloriously to the dwellers on t…