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Worship By: Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy Scripture: John 4:23-24 WORSHIP — homage rendered to God which it sinful (idolatry) to render to any is created being (Ex. 34:14). Such worship was refused by Peter (Acts 10:25-26) and by an angel (Rev. 22:8-9). True worship to God is being aligned to secular ways of life now in a lot of churches. There are myriad of spiritual denominations that are being aligned with God’s true commands of worship to Him. There are financial, healing, prosperity, spiritual and contemporary churches. Then there are “Camp Meetings,” false fellowship, “prophetic counseling’s, meetings and conferences, “evangelistic meeting,” contemporary singings by known “rappers,” “contemporary recording artists and artistic dancing.” Many churches have idolatrous celebrations in worship for the many auxiliaries, pastoral assistants, church officers and districts. Preacher’s have a false worship with “Church and Pastor’s Anniversary.” It is known in many larger membership churches t…