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How to Teach Old Testament Characters

How to Teach Old Testament Characters J.D. Greear "I believe most contemporary teaching on Old Testament stories is hopelessly moralistic, giving us merely examples to emulate rather than a Savior to adore and hope in." Recently I taught through the life of David in a series called “The Search for a King,” and I thought I’d use that to offer some reflection here on how I have learned (and am learning) to teach through Old Testament characters in Gospel-faithful ways. We discover that the life of David occurs in the midst of a quest Israel was on to find a king. Israel yearned for a king who could give them stability, guarantee their prosperity, and ensure their security. Saul seemed like the perfect choice for Israel. He was a good leader, charismatic and promised to provide Israel with everything they desired. In the end, of course, he bitterly disappointed them. The next king God gave to them was of a fundamentally different type. He was, literally, th…