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What's the Best Tone for Your Preaching?

What's the Best Tone for Your Preaching?John Piper Desiring God Scripture:Romans 15:4 Romans 8:32 Date Published:6/16/2011 "The question I have for preachers is: What tone should you aim at in preaching? This is an urgent question because, if you don't answer it, your listeners will answer it for you." Phillips Brooks, who died in 1893—and who, along with Jesus, Paul, John Stott, Dick Lucas, and other preachers, never married—most famously said that preaching is “truth through personality.” This personality factor raises the question of preaching tone. What should a preacher aim at in the tone of his preaching? By “tone,” I mean the feel that it has. The spirit it emits. The emotional quality. The affectional tenor. The mood. Personalities Are Like Faces Every personality has a more or less characteristic tone. That is part of what personality is. Some personalities play a small repertoire of emotional instruments, while others play a larger repertoire. Never…