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The Environment - Part 1

The Environment - Part 1 By: Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy Read Scripture: 1Timothy 6:3-10 Everywhere we look, listen, see or breathe, we find environmental disasters. In politics, lawmakers cannot and will not address the causes of the environment because of lobby’s and their rich funders. Rich funders are corporate owners that love money. They overlook saving earth’s atmosphere, sanitary and non-contaminated water supplies, soil and killing of animals, trees and even human-beings; in poor countries where there is a dictator-ruler, the love of money for themselves, family members and corrupt cronies is number one in ruling over their subjects. Environmental issues are non-existent. Looking more in-depth in to the various ways, man has caused environmental disasters and concerns: • Earth’s Atmosphere o The ozone layer that is the upper atmospheric (stratosphere) element that contains earth’s protection from the suns harmful radiation (ultraviolet). • Trees o Trees are being cut down to make w…