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Can Women be Pastors

Can Women be Pastors By: Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy Dr. Alan Cairns, Lecturer I have been asked on numerous occasions about women pastors, elders, evangelist, bishop, deacon or deaconesses? What about the mother of Jesus Mary? To solidify biblical truths that I have given in the past, I located Dr. Alan Cairns a retired Presbyterian minister—one of my favorite gospel writers and lecturer. He discusses the Gospel truths on the subject at length; the short but very concise truth was located at: which is also founded on my ministry blog: –DAILY, WEEKEND AND HOLIDAY INTERNET EVANGELIZE TO THE WORLD MINISTRY on the Internet. Not to further what some call argumentative on the subject—nothing in the Bible is argumentative—but should lead up to a mature discussion for ones biblical truth in learning of the subject(s). Dr. Cairns’ lecture is located at: Can Women be Pastors? Summary Hopefully, one can research the Bible at length on…