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Church Discipline, Short Skirts, and Angry Deacons

Church Discipline, Short Skirts, and Angry Deacons Ray Hollenbach Topic:Church: General Scripture:1 Corinthians 5:1 Date Published:7/21/2011 Keywords:Preaching, Discipleship Loving someone enough to help them find freedom from their fears and appetites is the heart of church discipline. Email this article Print Friendly One spring night several years ago I stood in line waiting to buy a movie ticket. The young couple in front of me were talking about the Easter Sunday “disturbance” at their church. “Well, it was a pretty short skirt,” said the guy. “That’s just the way Julie dresses,” answered the girl. “She needs to have people notice her.” “She got noticed all right. One of the deacons went and got a video camera and took video of her in that outfit so that when they confront her about it they’ll have visual evidence.” “That’s just wrong,” said the girl. “Which?” asked the guy: “Her skirt or the video?” Sometimes I make things up to prove a point.…