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Fresh Start Devotionals

He Did Most of my childhood memories are pleasant. I wasn’t abused, my parents provided for all my needs, in fact, I have to say, I was loved. I’m not saying my family wasn’t dysfunctional, in some respects all families have their moments, but we were as close to functional as I’ve seen. I went to school, had chores to do when I got home, worked or played all day on Saturday and attended church every Sunday. Yes, my Mom even baked cookies for us to eat when we got home. In short, I grew up in a Norman Rockwell painting. My father was the pastor and my mother was very active teaching and working in the Women’s ministries of the church. Like my brothers before me, the time came when the constant contact with the gospel rubbed off on me and I came to faith in Christ. I was very young when it happened and I have to admit that my understanding was, well, very childish. I thought of the forces of good and evil as opposite teams, you know, like a pick-up baseball game. I asked myself wh…