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What are You doing to Stay Small and Strategic?

I read an article this morning: What Are You Doing to Stay Small and Strategic? In it it reminded me of what the Holy Spirit has been telling me to write. However Peter Meade wrote what I was given but slothful in writing it. Today we find some pastor's forgetting about feeding the congregants but began thing more so about them self: Filthy lucre (money); being recognized within Local, State and National denomination organizations and looking for a mans-calling to a "Mega Church." All of this is done while negating true worship in God's House that He has placed him over. It is saying, "God, You gave me this small church and others have come to know me as a flamboyant preacher, so I'm promoting myself for a higher self-calling." Your and God's church is suffering for attendance: Sunday school and worship attendance, but there is a will-show of worship in various types of--what is called a particular ministry type of ministry--that is secular in a…