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I am the Champ

"I am the Champ" Author: Rev. Lynwood F. Mundy (Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.; January 17, 1942, Muhammad Ali), three time boxing "Heavy Weight Champion" coined the phrase, "I am the champ!" During his reign as the heavy weight champion of the boxing world before it became a splintered association. June 19 1964February 6 1967Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) February 6 1967April 29 1967Muhammad Ali February 15 1978March 18 1978Leon Spinks September 15 1978April 27 1979Muhammad Ali As you can see Cassius Clay became a (Black) Muslim during his first reign as World Boxing Champion LEAVING HIS Christian background. God can say that he is "Almighty God," "Omnipotent," Omniscience," "Omnipresent" and "I AM that I AM." He was before their was a beginning. I like to say in broken grammar that, "He was before there was a before; and was before there was a was," the meaning’s in any terms for God&#…