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New Year's Prayer

Father YHWH,I pray thanking You for allowing me, my family, church family, friends and enemies to come this far in the year 2011. No matter the circumstances that befall us in the year, me and others through faith gave our problems to You, knowing that You would solve them as promised if we through faith and prayer asked You. Thank You Father; Thank You also for our infirmities and health; Thank You for our jobs, homes and finances; Thank You for food on our tables. Father YHWH, if You allow us through grace and mercy to come into the new year 2012, we promise to continue to uphold and evangelize Your Word to others whenever we have the slightest chance. We promise to let our light shine before others that they may see our salvation through Christ Jesus. Father YHWH, we thank You for just being the only God that is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscience! In Your precious Son Jesus' name. Amen.

Amazing Grace : 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions

December 31 THE LORD IS KING! Freely adapted from Josiah Condor, 1789–1855 For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods. (Psalm 95:3) As we reflect on the joys, failures, and blessings of the past year, we can rejoice in the truth that we are personally related to the Lord Jehovah, who is king of heaven and earth and will reign forever. Some day we shall see Him and begin to enjoy His eternal presence. This vibrant hymn stirs us to praise and gratefulness for all of God’s leading in the past year. We will never “murmur at His wise decrees” if we remember His promises and reflect on how good and great He is. We are also reminded by this triumphant text that we must submit ourselves in humility to God’s will in our lives, trusting “His tender care” for us. Then we are to sing and shout His praise throughout each day! What a victorious life this suggests for us as believers as we approach another new year. The text of this fine hymn is an adaptation of one written ear…

Fresh Start Devotionals

He is Able to Deliver You While in captivity, Daniel excelled over many years and under several Kings. His success so angered the Babylonian bureaucrats that they plotted to destroy him. They searched for a character flaw in him, but couldn’t find one. Instead, they baited a trap. They convinced King Darius to sign an irrevocable law forbidding prayer to anyone but the king. Daniel’s custom was to face Jerusalem and pray three times a day. He did not change this practice when he learned of the new law. His enemies plotted and schemed and successfully caught Daniel breaking the law—they caught him in the terrible act of praying. They reported him to the King. The news deeply troubled King Darius. In a moment of vanity, he declared an irrevocable law that was about to destroy one of his closest advisors. He had no choice, he had to carry out the punishment prescribed by the law—to cast Daniel into the den of lions. The times looked bleak, but Daniel slept comfortably with the lio…