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August 4

BREAK THOU THE BREAD OF LIFEMary Ann Lathbury, 1841–1913
  I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me will never go hungry, and [He] who believes in Me will never be thirsty. (John 6:35)

As Christians, our supreme occupation must always be with ChristHimself—not merely our church, denomination or religious system. Reading the Bible and spending time in prayer are vital to our spiritual well-being. But even these activities are a means to an end, the end purpose being that they bring us into a closer relationship with God Himself. Notice the words of this hymn:

  Beyond the sacred page I seek Thee, Lord …
  And in Thy book revealed I see the Lord.

Although it is often used as a communion service hymn, this hymn’s real teaching is that God’s Word—“the Bread of Life” should nourish our spiritual lives and bring us into an ever closer relationship with our Lord.

The hymn’s author, Mary Lathbury, was a longtime associate with the Chautauqua Assembly, a Methodist camp meeting locate…


August 4

I had a wonderful time this last week at the gathering of Southern Baptists in Phoenix, Arizona for our Annual convention. I haven’t been to a national convention since 1981 when it was held in Los Angeles. I’d always used the excuse that it was too expensive to go somewhere to argue with other Christians. But with it so close by, I decided to go. And am I glad I did. Along with enjoying the time I spent in the convention hall, I had a grand time seeing old friends in the exhibit hall and attending the alumni gatherings.

The highlight of the convention for me happened during the Golden Gate Theological Seminary Luncheon. The food was superb, the table setting was immaculate-linen cloth and a full dinner setting-and the response was huge-they had to bring in an extra table and chairs to house all the alumni and friends of this great seminary. Two significant things happened at the meeting. First, our former pastor, Dan Coker received the alumni of the year award. As yo…