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August 20

Martha Stewart inspires me.

Every now and then I catch her on one of the morning shows and am utterly amazed at the stuff she does. How does one person become an expert at so many things?

She can cook.

She can sew.

She can garden.

Is there anything she can’t do? Her new book, The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook, has over 1000 recipes in it, and is #68 on ranking. Since my latest book ranks 846,112 I’m impressed with how the book is selling, but what really impresses me is that she even has over 1000 recipes. Me? I have less than a dozen that don’t begin with, “Take the wrapping off of the frozen dinner …”

Really, to say she impresses me is only half of the story. The truth is, she intimidates me too. If Stewart is a gourmet cook, I’m more of a campfire cook.

Maybe it’s a guy thing, but when I set the table, I really don’t care which side of the plate the fork is on. I mean, does it really matter when what is on the table was frozen stiff ten minutes ago? A…
August 20

CLEANSE MEJ. Edwin Orr, 1912–1988
  If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9)
The inspiration of a thrilling revival in New Zealand prompted the late J. Edwin Orr to blend the 23rd and 24th verses of Psalm 139 with a lovely Polynesian melody that has since become one of our most challenging hymns of revival. Dr. Orr’s text opens with the prayer that the revival begin in him. Then he reminds us that revival begins only after God’s people recognize their sin, receive cleansing from it and surrender their “will, passion, self and pride.” The hymn ends appropriately with the assurance of knowing that God will hear and supply our needs.
J. Edwin Orr has been widely known as a challenging evangelist and a noted scholar of historical revival movements. He has written many textbooks and was a professor of world missions. He also lectured and held workshops throughout the world while visiting 150 c…